Capture, Measure and Monitor

The proprietary CircuitMeter solution, WebMeter36FTM and CircuitMonitoringTM, is a cost effective platform that collects energy data within your building directly from each and every energy load… straight from the circuit breaker. Upon gathering this valuable information, it is placed into a safe server location where you have full access from any standard web-browser (including mobile) through our cloud service. CircuitMeter acts as your continuous energy auditor, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on holidays!

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Getting the best energy performance from your buildings requires monitoring and optimization 24 hours a day. And getting the best results is about having the proper data and the right analytical tools. The right tools are key to understanding your energy profile, to managing usage and to conservation. Despite this, only a very small number of buildings with extensive resources monitor their energy in detail…why? Because it is expensive!!

An Information Foundation

At the time of installation, each circuit breaker is tagged, identifying its location and equipment type. Our uniquely designed WebMeter36FTM will begin gathering your energy data in real time, sending it to our cloud servers. You have the ability to see the energy usage of all of your facilities from a head office view, right down to the individual circuit breaker level.

Equipped with these valuable analytics your team is now empowered to make strategic decisions on energy efficiency and conservation with the end result being a stronger bottom line for your business.


The core foundation of energy monitoring is the ability to accurately capture the information. CircuitMeter has designed the most cost effective energy meter on the market, WebMeter36FTM. As part of our objective to deliver the most affordable solution, we even took into consideration the installation logistics. We keep it simple!


  • Multi-port meter consisting of 36 ports to read current information
  • Simple to install CM-VoltageSensor unit that isolates the high voltage lines and converts them to a safe low voltage signal
  • Built-in computing intelligence
  • Built-in internet communications with LED to guide installation connection
  • Easy and quick connections for the voltage and current wires
  • Ability to install the CM-WebMeter up to 100 feet from the electrical panel, even outside the electrical room


The monitoring information is delivered straight to your browser or tablet. CircuitMonitoringTM consolidates the data into a standard and consistent format with Key Performance Indices (KPI’s) – enabling excellent, comparative analysis.

From the time of installation, CircuitMonitoringTM will begin capturing your energy information, thus creating an internal energy profile of each circuit breaker that is connected to the WebMeter36FTM.

By obtaining and re-packaging detailed electrical data from each circuit breaker, CM-MonitoringTM is able to provide many benefits:

  • Understanding your energy profile
  • How to best manage it
  • What needs improvement
  • How to reduce your consumption

This leads to significant cost savings and environmental stewardship. We encourage all building owners and managers to become leaders in conservation today.


Reporting & Analysis

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Historical analysis by hour, by day, by month
  • Retention of hourly data (big data) for 5 years
  • Analysis by any combination of geographic region, equipment type, building, section, floor level, etc.
  • Quickly sort and identify best to worst with any category
  • Export data into standard CSV format
  • Easy access to perform energy analytics
  • Data points can be setup to show summaries, averages, standard deviations, min/max values

Administration & Setup

  • Simple setup of users and access rights, including guest users
  • Easy setup requires only (a) identify building attributes (b) define location of panels and size (c) associate panels with the WebMete36FTM