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Future Technologies

Aeris Environmental has achieved a major technical milestone in the development of its biofilm resistant polymers in collaboration with the CSIRO for a range of environmental applications.

These new polymers (plastic resins) have been successfully injection moulded and extruded creating a whole new class of self-disinfecting, biofilm resistant polymer complexes.

These AerisGuard “Smart Surfaces” are environmentally safe, non toxic to humans are commercially viable to manufacture across a broad range of applications.

Biofilm commonly occurs in a range of aqueous environments and is the habitat for bacteria (Legionella) and other harmful organisms. The impacts on industry are far reaching, well known and costly. These include corrosion to oil pipelines, water cooling systems (for example water circuits in factories and commercial cooling towers) and loss in productivity (for example in paper mills, mines and groundwater treatment plants).

This novel range of smart surfaces is protected by a strong patent position and will lead to the development of commercial products with specific application in Aeris water business unit as well as in its other core markets.

Additionally, Aeris will seek to licence this technology to third parties for a wide array of environmental applications.