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Biofilm colonization of air conditioning equipment can seriously effect fan and compressor energy.

Fan energy and decreased filter life further reduce the optimal efficiency of the air conditioning system.

The Aeris Building Environmental Solutions restore air conditioning system efficiency and thereby reduce energy consumption.

Consider a car – the reason you service it is to keep it running at its optimal performance level, which saves you maintenance bills and reduces fuel consumption.

Air conditioning assets are no different – AerisGuard remediation and protection results in energy savings.

Commercial Buildings – a key contributor to the problem

Common energy management issues in commercial buildings:

  1. HVAC & R systems Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC & R) systems use up to 65% of a building’s electricity
  2. Electricity costs forecasted to continue to rise globally as existing infrastructure struggles to meet rising demand
  3. Occupant comfort & OHS building managers / company managers and directors have a legal obligation to provide safe and comfortable work environments for employees
  4. Asset protection & maintenance Facility Managers are beginning to acknowledge that poorly maintained HVAC assets cannot operate at optimum performance, are constantly under stress and not only succumb to corrosion but require more electricity to maintain desired temperature and airflow

AerisGuard Remediation And Protection Technology

A fast, cost-effective energy reduction and efficiency solution for commercial buildings.

Remediating and protecting a commercial building’s HVAC & R assets using AerisGuard has been proven to provide the following:

Immediate improvement in airflow, temperature control and indoor air quality
Long term management regime of HVAC & R assets
Up to 15% reduction in energy usage per annum (see case study below)
Proven payback within 8 months

AerisGuard Features:

Environmentally friendly
EPA Approved technology
Approved for use in food processing / storage / manufacturing by TGA & AQIS
Globally adopted technology

The Proof

Case Study 1
Leading Global Pharmaceutical Manufacture

Global energy reduction initiative over 2 years across the 14 countries it operates. Air conditioning accounts for 65%
of their global energy usage. An 18 month AerisGuard* trial generated savings of 15%.

Case Study 2
Major Supermarket Cool Room

Biological contamination impeding performance of Forced Draft Coolers reducing the operating efficiency. AerisGuard* trial demonstrated major improvements in both microbial control and subsequent airflow. Client has experienced 16% improved airflow.

Case Study 3
Large Sealed Food Processor

“…fantastic – it gets the temperature down faster and holds at set point, allowing the compressors to cycle off, making the facility more efficient…”