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Commercial Buildings present complex Indoor Air Quality issues due to differing zone pressures and airway path relationships.

These airflows exacerbate the ongoing challenge created by biological contaminants existent within and being spread via the building’s HVAC system.

The biological contaminants, if left unchecked create the following challenges within commercial buildings:

  1. Energy usage – HVAC equipment performance impairment results in units running under stress to maintain optimal temperature and cyclical parameters which results in significant energy consumption rise.
  2. Indoor Air Quality – poor IAQ increase the risk of staff health issues resulting in downtime through sick leave.
  3. Asset Management issues – degradation of HVAC coil and fin stock resulting HVAC equipment replacement.
  4. Comfort – a poorly operating HVAC system results in imbalanced airflow and temperature zones throughout the system resulting in occupant comfort being severely compromised.

The AerisGuard Building Environmental Solutions range for Commercial Buildings can address these challenges with a cost-effective HVAC coil restoration and residual protection regime using patented multi-enzyme and anti-microbial products.

The AerisGuard Building Environmental Solutions is best depicted in the diagram below – we will explore each section individually.

The core technology driving these outcomes is AerisGuard.