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Features and Benefits

Why traditional “cleaning” isn’t enough

Traditional cleaning uses highly corrosive chemicals that affect the integrity of the FDC. Over time these corrosive chemicals strip metal from the heat exchange components and permanently reduce the operating efficiency of the cool room. The AerisGuard treatment provides a high performance non-corrosive remediation and actively protects the system from re-contamination.


Cool Room Decontamination
Cleaning does not attack the source, only the symptoms of the surface. It will not provide residual protection from recontamination.
Excessive Energy Consumption
Cleaning is not enough to return Cool Rooms to optimum operation. This leaves the FDCs and Compressors continuously under “load” – using excessive energy.
Asset Operating Efficiency
Cleaning alone will not bring set temperature down faster and hold it there longer. Only complete biofilm removal can reduce the load on the refrigeration system while maintaining preferred operating parameters.
Asset Preservation Efficiency
Cleaning does not remove microbial contaminants. Long term exposure to these have a severe corrosive effect on Cold Storage assets.


A standard remediation and protection of the Cool Room delivers:


Up to 10% saving on Cool Room power bills
Improve shelf life & reduced spoilage
Up to 250% improvement in airflow – temperature control & consistent temperature throughout room
Guaranteed 6 month control of mold and bacteria
Compliance with local health requirements
Total elimination of mold smells
Increased life of Cool Room equipment
AHS accreditations and certifications

AHS accreditations and certifications


HACCP Endorsement – HACCP Australia Pty Ltd endorses the products and methodology of Aeris Hygiene Services Pty Ltd in their provision of cold room maintenance and cleaning services in facilities operating in accordance with a HACCP based food safety programme.
TGA – Therapeutic Goods Administration listing of the AerisGuard Cool Room remediation, decontamination and protection solutions as “Disinfectant – Hospital” Grade.
Chemical compounds used in premises processing or storing meat and meat products for export. Details