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Refrigerated storage, processing and transportation environments are the primary preservation method of commercial perishable products as they travel along the value chain. Typical refrigeration systems continuously re-circulate unfiltered air through Forced Draft Coolers (FDC’s) which exposes the coil of the FDC to high levels of contamination. When combined with the natural condensation which forms on the FDC it creates a perfect environment for microbial proliferation throughout the cool room.

If untreated, the microbial contamination can reach a point where system performance/efficiency is inhibited.  When this happens – airflow, pressure and thermal efficiency are inhibited.  In addition, it is not uncommon for disturbing odours to be detected within the cool room environment, a clear sign of deteriorating indoor air quality.

Over a longer term, this contamination can have a severe corrosive effect on the coil and surrounds which if left untreated eventually leads to premature replacement of coil and surrounds.

Global market research confirms that this is a global problem with few solution providers operating within the space.

In Australia Aeris Environmental launched Aeris Hygiene Services – a 100% owned subsidiary, who represent Aeris’s first direct service model for the environmental remediation and ongoing treatment of refrigerated facilities.

While further market research is being conducted into key global markets, the Aeris Hygiene Services model is developing the operational footprint for expor