Why Power Saving?

The Problem

South East Asia faces formidable challenges in meeting its energy needs by 2020.

Our Solution

AESS can provide innovative, focused solutions that deliver measurable results. Our team builds on over a decade of experience in providing turnkey energy saving solutions.

We offer a complete spectrum of energy saving solutions with proven payback of your investment. All of them hold excellent potential, guarantee attractive savings and short payback periods.

As energy needs grow, global warming becomes one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world. We are at the front line of the battle helping forward thinking companies and individuals adopt a responsible and profitable approach to energy management and cost control.

In order to assess the savings potential at your installation, one of our energy management engineers will:

  • Visit you, examine your installation and carry out an energy audit.
  • Carry out a load profile study of your existing loads and installation.
  • Identify the areas where energy savings can be achieved and maintenance cost can be reduced readily.
Submit a comprehensive proposal defining the extent of savings possible together with cost, benefit and payback analysis.

AESS stands committed to support you in every way right from analysis and product selection to installation and obtaining savings so that you can profit from our products.