Study proves value of good indoor air quality

USA: A new study has found that the energy costs required to double the ventilation rate in typical office buildings can be more than offset by increased worker productivity.
The research found that doubling the ventilation rate would put between $14 and $40 per person per year on the average energy bill, but result in […]

What is a Chief Wellbeing Officer? (CWO)

Office building design and maintenance is more vital to health, wellbeing and productivity, the most business CEO’s care to notice.

Studies show us that poor air quality and inferior lighting increase sick days and can affect sleep but the evidence is not influencing most design architects, property leasing, and office environment equipment maintenance decisions

The relationship between […]

Hotels could be a breeding ground for nasty bacteria

How clean is your Hotel room?
Whether or not you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) regarding cleanliness there are times when we are just too accepting of standards when we stay in a hotel. Hotels have become a more affordable way of stopping over in cities and countries in the past thirty years.

With the fast turn-around […]

International Exhibition & Conference on Buildings, Factories & Green Buildings

ASHRAE looks for standard building rating

USA: ASHRAE is looking to write a new standard to bring together the many building energy performance ratings existing around the world.
While many building rating programmes exist worldwide, ASHRAE insists that there is nothing in the industry that standardises the contents of those programmes and ensures users are knowledgeable about what impacts their ratings.
ASHRAE sees […]

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China ac stockpile to hit 40 million units

CHINA: As reports of an economic slowdown strengthen, sources in China suggest the country’s stockpile of air conditioners will reach 40 million units this year.
Known locally as zombie air conditioning, many units are said to be two or three years old, with some even up to five years old.
Due to the long storage time, insiders […]

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$23.9m grant to rid Thailand of HCFCs

THAILAND: The World Bank is to provide Thailand with a US$23.9m grant to help the country reduce its use of HCFC refrigerants.

The funds are designed to help local manufacturers convert their air conditioning and foam production processes to non-ozone-depleting gases, as agreed under the Montreal Protocol.

Thailand is said to be the second-largest producer of air conditioners […]

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9 Essentials we expect from a Business Hotel

Hotels in Bangkok as well as in any cosmopolitan city on Earth all provide a standard of amenities which we expect. We did our own group research across 20 businesses in Bangkok and we asked what services they expect and what extras would swing a decision to stay at a Business Hotel, here’s what we […]

ASHRAE backs adoption of legionella standard

USA: ASHRAE is pushing for its new legionella risk management standard to be more widely adopted following the recent outbreak in New York.
With 12 confirmed dead and 122 cases of legionnaires’ disease, New York City Council on Thursday adopted legislation that requires adherence to part of ASHRAE’s newly published Legionella standard.
Published just two months ago, […]

Ever got sick from a Hotel stay?

(Main image above: Aspergillus mould)

What lurks in the Air con?

Ever wondered why you get a cold or a fever when staying in some hotels? Well the truth may just frighten you to running outside and getting some fresh air!

We all work and live in air conditioned environments, it has made life bearable and business fruitful […]